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Contact lenses, eye problems, low vision

Usually, a person who experiences difficulty in vision is always advised to consult with eye doctors. And, usually, after a series of eye exams, they are going to be prescribed with their appropriate vision, and the person gets to choose their style of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Many people believe that after having glasses or contact lenses, the problem is already over.

What if after having worn eyeglasses or contact lenses for a long period of time, the person still experiences blur in vision? Does that mean the eyeglasses or contact lens are not effective in correcting his or her vision? Well, yes. Some conditions of the eye are not easily corrected. In short, these cases are of low vision.

What are the causes of low vision? Well, the usual cause for this is macular degeneration. It is actually a disease of the optic nerve. Other causes include birth defects. Pre-mature babies are prone to this, or others who have experienced diseases at birth. This condition can be genetic, or when parents’ diseases leading to low vision are carried over to the children. Diabetes and glaucoma can also contribute to the risk of having low vision. Cataract, which is a familiar eye problem, is another cause. Of course, when a person is aging, he has more chances of having a low vision.

While other eye problems can be corrected by wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, or by undergoing surgical procedures, those with low vision will have a difficult time in finding solutions to their condition. Low vision, at this point of time, cannot be corrected yet. Studies are still being done as to the probable solution or surgical procedure to low vision. However, what modern technology can offer to low-vision patients are specially-made devices for those with low vision. Examples of these devices are reading materials with larger prints, watches with higher contrast, among others. In this way, those with low vision can clearly see things. As they say, prevention is way better than curing this condition, especially now that there is no known solution to this yet. Pregnant moms are advised to take care of their health and their babies’ health so as to avoid having eye defects. Also, people are warned about taking too much sweets as this may contribute to having diabetes and glaucoma. Taking care of one’s health, not neglecting the health of the eyes, is still the best way to avoid having such defects.



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